Key Screens

Putting it All Together

Key screens are a set of screens that form the foundation of all additional screens for the app. The creation was probably the most fruitful part of the design. It’s very similar to piecing together legos to form objects. With the creation of this library, wireframes and ideas were quickly converted into designs. The majority of our time was spent on iterating and testing the designs. Below are the key screens for our applications, Tango and Fiesta.

Tango Key Screens

For our core application, we focused on creating a simple and familiar experience. As you can see, list styles, cards, and colors were crucial. We built screens that could be adapted into other screens within the application.

The sublevels of the application carry a similar look and feel so users are informed of where they're in the application. We intentionally chose to carry styles through out the app. For instance, profile styles are repeated to anchor the experiences.

Note: The applications are not platform specific. The designs intend to show the variations within different platforms.

Fiesta Key Screens

The objective of Fiesta by Tango was to engage our social users, which resulted in a design that's more festive and vibrant. The focus of the designs is to highlight the people who are on the application. Each of the screens carry a consistent style throughout the app for user photos and information.